5 Lip Colors to Try When You Want to Be Bold

If you haven’t heard or have been living under a rock, full lips are IN! So why not make a statement with these bad boys and rock a lip color that gives people something to talk about. No matter the season, I love wearing a bold lip, it can be sexy, empowering and fierce all at the same time. Take a cue from me and check out my favorite bold lip colors you should be wearing.

Electric Hot Pink

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One of my signature colors, it is hard to go wrong with hot pink, and I say the hotter the better! Tip – when shopping for pink, look for rich fuschia tones and not bubble gum pink, it’s an all around better look.

Ox Blood Red

Bold Lip Colors | Busywifebusylife.com


This was the shade everyone was wearing in 2015, and honestly, I never stopped. This shade is perfect for fall and makes a statement without having to wear a bright color. Tip – Line this shade with a chestnut brown for an even richer look.

Matte Red

Bold Lip Colors | Busywifebusylife.com

When wearing red, I think matte is the only way to go. (Since this photo was taken in the sunlight, it is hard to see the matte finish). A matte red is more subtle yet elegant and doesn’t give off the cheap vibe that you always want to avoid. Tip – I find the best matte reds come in a lip crayon like the Nars one below.

Dusty Mauve

Bold Lip Colors | Busywifebusylife.com

A mauve lip is a pretty look for day and can be playful in the evening. This shade pairs well when you are wearing yellow and almost any floral print. Tip – When wearing this shade, keep the rest of your makeup neutral so aren’t you too cutesy.

I saved the best for last! Purple is my favorite color and this shade is the best way to wear it without going looking too crazy. I love rocking deep purple when I’m wearing all black for an extra vixen feel. Tip – Be sure to line your lips with a deep purple liner before and after your application for long lasting wear.

Deep Purple

Deep Bold Purple Lip | BusyWIfeBusylife.com


Ok, I have ask which bold lip color is your favorite?

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