5 Reasons You Need Coconut In Your Beauty Routine

You’re probably somewhat aware of the fact that everyone loves coconuts these days. It’s in everything from cooking oils to beauty products, and for a good reason (s), which we’ve gathered below. We think they might inspire you to make coconut a part of your daily routine.

It Protects Your Lips

Coconut oil stays semi-solid even at room temperature, which means it’ll stick onto your lips easily, yet stick around long enough to soothe lips dry from frigid winter temperatures. Plus, it has a natural SPF of 4, so you’ll get a bit of protection from the winter sun when it peeks through.

It Boosts Your Energy Levels

After running around all day crossing tasks off your to-do list, you may start to lag on energy. However, you might find yourself a bit more energized by munching on a few slices of fresh coconut, as it’s a natural source of energy. Some people think that because coconut products, including its oil, have saturated fat, that it’s an unhealthy choice. It turns out that this natural saturated fat isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s a medium-chain fatty acid that boosts metabolism and energy levels in the process. In other words, it won’t be sticking around on your belly — it’ll be giving you the push you need to tackle the day.   

It’s Super Hydrating

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is: it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated, and it’s never a bad idea to swap a glass of regular water for a glass of coconut water. As coconuts grow, their insides change and ripen, like any other fruit. At the start, if you crack open a young coconut, you’ll find a watery liquid inside — that’s coconut water. Over time, it thickens into coconut milk and eventually hardens into the actual flesh of coconut that you can bite into. Yum.


However, it’s the water that provides a flood of electrolytes that keeps your body extra hydrated. Plus, if you’ve worked out, coconut water contains a variety of minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium, a mineral combination that staves off muscle cramps and keeps blood pressure regular. Just call it a hangover cure!

It’ll Moisturize Hair, Dry Skin, Nail Beds

Dry central air that’s pumped into your home or office will dry out your scalp, especially if you’re someone whose skin is naturally dry. You might just want to treat yourself to a coconut oil deep conditioning treatmentAgain, the moisturizing effects of coconut oil can come to your rescue! Just massage a dollop of coconut oil into your scalp and you might notice it flaking and itching less. The same goes for dry skin on your hands — a dab of coconut oil will do for that, too. Oh, and if you happen to have cracked cuticles or hangnails? A smear of coconut oil at the base of your nail twice a day can soften an otherwise painful situation.

It Can Kill Bacteria in Your Mouth

Finally, there’s no good time of year to have bad breath. Coconut oil and a bit of patience can help you defeat the problem. Just scoop a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth, along with a bit of water. Swish everything around for about 10 minutes and spit it out and voila: you’ve drawn bacteria and toxins out of your body.

The practice can also neutralize bad breath and soothe sore gums because, you know, coconuts are just that amazing.

But Wait, There’s More

These are just five of the countless ways to incorporate coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk or a good old slice of coconut into your winter routine. No matter which ways the tropical fruit makes its way into your daily life, we can promise you’ll be bettered by it — and you’ll smell pretty good, to boot. 

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