How to Create a Flawless Daytime Glam Look

Makeup Rules

What’s a girl without her favorite makeup kit, right? While we all strive to achieve that marvelous Hollywood glow au naturel, there are days when leaving the house without makeup isn’t an option. The right makeup can make all the difference between daytime glam and wondering if you left your face at home. Ready to glam it up during the day? Read on for my best tips on how to create a flawless daytime glam look:

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Always Wear Sunscreen

Always carry sunscreen

The scorching sun can be bad for your skin, and no matter how much makeup you’re wearing, you should always apply sunscreen before putting your makeup on. Not only will sunscreen protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, but it can also help you moisturize properly and thoroughly. Reapply to as the day goes on to help protect your skin from accelerated and premature aging.




It All Starts with Foundation 

How to apply foundation|Daytime Glam

We all want to cover up our blemishes and dark spots, achieve an even skin tone, and look naturally stunning. Easier said than done, though, right? If your foundation is too heavy, your skin won’t be able to breathe and will start to look cakey. Whether it is day or night, you might want to consider all-natural makeup.

Foundation by Jane Iredale is an excellent choice. The ultra-fine minerals and particles in this makeup form together to create a thin layer of film on your skin, allowing it to easily breathe. In essence, your foundation will not clog your skin, allowing it to radiate with brilliance.

Another foundation tip: One shade may not be the ultimate answer. I use two different shades, and either blend them or use them alone on various parts of my face to create the most natural look.



Learn the Art of Contouring

Learn the Art of Contouring

Contouring is perhaps the most difficult of all makeup skills to learn, and yet it is essential in creating a daytime glam look. Once you have your face mapped out, you will need two different foundation sticks: one two shades lighter than your regular foundation, and another two shades darker.

Apply lighter shades:

  • Under your eyes
  • Along the ridge of your nose
  • Along the center of your chin
  • In the middle of your forehead
  • Along the highest part of your cheekbones

Apply darker shades:

  • On the edges of your nose
  • On the sides of your chin
  • Along the sides of your forehead
  • Along the lowest part of your cheekbones

Use a blending to sponge to get rid of your warrior face paint and then set it with powder. By doing this, you will accentuate all the areas of your face you want to highlight and cast a shadow on the areas you don’t.



Do Your Lips Look Sexy?

Do your lips look sexy

Finding a lipstick that suits you perfectly can be tricky, and in most cases, complementing your skin tone adds another layer of difficulty. When trying to achieve the daytime glam look, you want your lips to pop but not overpower your face. Avoid shades that are too glittery or shiny in the daytime. Instead, consider a bold color or a matte nude to really glam it up. And don’t forget your liner!

Look Me In the Eyes

Eye Makeup Daytime glam

Eye are the last step in creating a perfect daytime glam look. You can still be dramatic with your eyes in the day, but you don’t need a lot of eye shadow to accomplish this. Choose an interesting color to create a smoky eye, or be playful with your liner on top and bottom. Just make sure you create a full brow and finish the look off with mascara.

So, go ahead and glam it up during the daytime! Try these tips before your next afternoon luncheon or daytime soiree. Having the right tools and shades are the key to making it all work.

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How to Create a Daytime glam

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