Five Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye & Two Super-Easy Recipes

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The shelves are stuffed with the dozens of beauty products all claiming to work miracles for your hair and skin. Pushing you to ponder whether these promises will show true results. It turns out that after trying scores of these products, you realize that only a few work as they claim, but all contain excessive chemicals that can damage the conditions of your skin and hair. 

When it comes to hair coloring, one cannot deny the fact that the ingredients are full of chemicals which not only damage your hair in the long run, but also hamper its growth. So why not turn to something all natural like vegetables?? In its simplest term, the vegetable hair dye is a natural product, free from hazardous chemicals that pose a risk to your scalp. It gives you natural look and adds shine to your hair. Check out some of the benefits you can enjoy from using this natural solution:

No damage whatsoever to skin or hair

Since it is all-natural and does not contain any harmful ingredient, therefore it causes no damage to your skin or hair after its usage. This can be a top choice for individuals who are allergic to various chemicals and brands.


Acts as a conditioner for hair

All the natural ingredients in the hair dye will give you thick and shiny strands of hair. Regular usage of vegetable color dye will give you soft, smooth and shiny hair which you may not have experienced before.

Safe to use in pregnancy

Coloring and dying the hair during pregnancy can become an arduous task. This is because that the chemicals used in regular dyes can have detrimental effects on the baby. However, the case is quite opposite in the usage of vegetable color dye as they do not involve any harmful chemical thus making them safe to use in pregnancy.

Not permanent

Women tend to change the color of their hair more often than others depending on the occasion, mood or dress. The best part about using vegetable dye is that it is not permanent and can be washed off in 8- 10 shampoos.

Long lasting effect

The long-lasting effect of these types of dyes makes it attractive to be used. As mentioned earlier that it is not permanently staying on your hair, but it will be having a lasting effect which is a big plus for many users. This is a proper color which has excellent results when compared to other products. In fact, it gives more smoothness and shine to your hair.

How to Prepare Vegetable Hair Dye?

Here are two super-easy vegetable hair dye recipes that you can try at home without any hassles:

Rosemary and Sage Hair Darkening Mask

This hair mask can darken your hair, and it is great for the people who are suffering from the problem of dry scalp.These two ingredients are easily available in the market in dry form.


  • Use 1 cup of sage and rosemary leaves.
  • Add the leaves to small pot of water
  • Boil the ingredients for fifteen minutes and then let it cool down.
  • Blend the mixture thoroughly to create a paste.
  • Gently massage your hair with the paste so that it can reach every hair strand.
  • Let it sit for 30 Minutes and wash out with shampoo.

Lemon and Chamomile Lightening Mask

Chamomile tea is an amazing ingredient for skin and hair and its combination with lemon makes it a fantastic choice for lightening the hair color.


  • Use chamomile tea from brewed teabags and blend it with enough lemon juice to make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste on your hair strands and let it dry and sit for at least 30 Minutes.
  • Then wash it off with a good quality shampoo.

Bottom line

Here is a summary of why vegetable hair dye is beneficial for you:

  • The vegetable hair dye is free from PPD and other dangerous chemicals which affect your skin and scalp
  • They have proteins and natural extracts of plants which provide essential nutrients, give natural shine and vibrant color to your hair
  • They contain natural ingredients such as Chamomile Tea, Walnut husks, Rhubarb, Herbal Bran Extract, and Rosemary protein, which all work together to maintain the healthiness of your hair.
  • They last longer than store bought ordinary dyes.

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    Ruth Rankins said:

    Sage and rosemary ; two great herbs. When I read this post, I was so excited that “busywifebusylife’ featured yet another amazing post. One that will definitely benefit you! The sage and rosemary didn’t really color my hair because of the greys. It is really great for making your hair healthy and aiding in the growth of your hair. It worked wonders for me… My hair is much healthier and longer.