The Products I’m Using Now to Reduce Hair Loss in the Future

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Getting older sucks! While I pray that I’ll still be living my best life at the sprite age of 92, I realize that may not be the case. As we age, our bodies start to change, and we have to take a few extra steps to combat the aging process. Aging is a little frightening to think about, let alone experience, and we might find it embarrassing, as we don’t really talk about the physical changes our bodies go through as we grow older. My mom has been trying to warn me about certain changes for years, but only recently, when she started to lose her own hair, did her warnings resonate with me. 

About two years ago, when my mom first noticed that her hair was thinning, she attributed it to age. However, when the problem started to worsen, she knew it was more than just age-related. Her doctor diagnosed her with scarring alopecia, a condition that affects the hair follicle to the point that hair may never grow back.

Despite having a full head of hair, I wanted to do anything I could to help reduce premature hair loss after witnessing my mom’s experiences. So when KeepItAnchored was introduced to me, I knew I had to give it a try!


What Is KeepItAnchored?

This new haircare system has several different kits. The one I used consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and daily HairAnchoring Essence.  Their products are clinically proven to help reduce hair loss by calming scalp oxidative stress. The system gives a double-defense against hair loss, reducing loss from the roots due to a stressed scalp and preventing loss from strand breakage.

The daily HairAnchoring Essence is the most essential product in the kit. It contains HairAnchor antioxidants, zinc minerals, and B-vitamins and is clinically proven to refresh the scalp but gentle enough to use on color-treated hair.

How to Use KeepItAnchored 

I replaced my usual shampoo and conditioner with the KeepItAnchored line of products. After washing my hair, I used my normal leave-in conditioner and then applied the HairAnchoring Essence to my scalp. After eight to ten pumps in various areas on my scalp, I then rubbed it in and blow-dried as usual.

Even on days when I wasn’t washing my hair, I still used the HairAnchoring Essence and followed my normal routine. The products are very easy to use and worked well with my regular styling products. I was worried that the HairAnchoring Essence might cause build-up or weigh down my hair, but my scalp quickly absorbed the lightweight formula.

What Were My Results?

The only way to verify whether something works is to track your results, and that is exactly what I did. Before I started using KeepItAnchored, I cleaned out my brush so I could see how much hair it would collect. Four weeks later, I did the same thing. The proof is in the photos below: far less hair shedding in Week #4 vs. Week #1. Additionally, I noticed that my hair is softer and fuller now than before I started using the products.

Other Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Preventing a problem is much easier than fixing one after it develops. KeepItAnchored is formulated to reduce daily hair loss caused by oxidative stress like sun, moisture, and pollution. While it does not prevent disease or genetic hair loss, such as alopecia, you can take extra precautions to combat these issues before they begin. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and keep your hair pulled back or covered when walking around the city. Additionally, lower your stress levels through exercise and healthy hobbies. All of these can help to get ahead of future hair loss from occurring.

I know that I’ll be taking these extra steps now, in addition to using KeepItAnchored products, to keep my hair thick and full for years to come. Won’t you join me? In fact, use SHERITAKIA20 for 20 percent off KeepItAnchored products until November 23, 2020. Head to their website here! 

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