The Best Home Remedies for Annoying Skin Care Issues

The Best At Home Remedies for Skin Care Issues| Busywifebusylife.comMaintaining a healthy complexion has become a major part of my beauty regime. I have broken old habits like going to bed without washing my face, and I’ve tried my hardest to stop picking my pimples which we all know just leave scars. Flawless skin is always the goal! But despite our best efforts, we often have lingering skin issues that need some attention. You know I love a great facial, but an expensive treatment isn’t always in the budget. Lucky for you, I have some easy home remedies for annoying skin care issues that will get you one step closer to that picture perfect skin.

Blemishes & Fine Lines

The Best At Home Remedies for Skin Care Issues|

I have to work hard to keep my skin looking its best. One of the most difficult things to get rid of is my hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Blemishes and fine lines affect most of us at some point, and the best treatment I’ve found for it is microdermabrasion. This minimally invasive treatment uses a tool to gently sand away your outer layer of skin to reveal a more radiant, smoother complexion.

Since you are slowly sanding away the skin, this treatment is not a one time fix. Your dermatologist would typically recommend 1 or 2 treatments over the course of several months. These visits can add up, and that’s why I was so happy to find the PMD Microdermabrasion Pro. The tool allows you to target the problem areas and gently exfoliate your skin to help even out skin tone at home.


Start with the most ‘sensitive’ disk, when you turn on the device it acts like a mini vacuum, lightly sucking in your skin and sanding it with the microcrystals on the disk. You can see the results because your dead skin particles are collected in the top of the device. I’ve slowly worked my way up to the ‘coarsest’ disk, and have watched blemishes lighten the past few weeks and some even fade away. You can even use the PMD on your hand and body to smooth other problem areas as well.

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Clogged Pores

My worst enemy – my pores! They love being clogged, and I am relentless to find a solution. The key to unclogging your pores is not trying to physically unclog them yourself. Poking and prying at your skin is no -no, and it will only damage your face even more. To gently unclog your pores over time I recommend:

  1. A daily toner with glycolic acid – the holy grail for exfoliation, effectively removing the outermost layer of dead cells from your complexion.
  2. Clay mask – they can absorb bacteria, water, sebum and various toxins and irritants from the skin and are great at exfoliating dead skin cells and blackheads.



I use the toner daily but if you have sensitive skin, try every other day. Combine this routine with a clay mask once a week, and you”ll see your pores unclog in a few weeks.

Dry Lips

The Best At Home Remedies for Skin Care Issues|
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One of my pet peeves is dealing with dry cracked lips. The best solution I can recommend is right in your kitchen cabinet! Sugar scrubs are the best way to remove dead and cracked skin and leave your lips soft and smooth. Simply mix together, a teaspoon of brown or regular granulated sugar and add a little coconut or olive oil. Using your finger, rub the mixture all over your lips and wipe off all the excess. Don’t forget to use your lip balm or cocoa butter to moisturize after the treatment.

Puffy Eyes

The Best At Home Remedies for Skin Care Issues|

I hate waking up to puffy eyes in the morning, but there is a rather easy solution to help reduce the swelling. One of oldest tricks I’ve learned just involves 2 tablespoons and a freezer, consider it spooning for your face! Let your spoons chill for about 15 mins and then glide the rounded side over your eyes. The cooling pressure will reduce puffiness and leave you ready for the day.

The best recommendation I have for amazing skin is to find the products that work well for you, using them on a regular basis, eating right, and drinking plenty of (lemon, basil, strawberry) water. All of these steps will help you achieve the radiant complexion we all love.

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The Best At Home Remedies for Skin Care Issues|

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