How I Keep My Natural Hair Protected From Heat Damage

Moroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damageOne minute curly is trending then it’s sleek and straight. Our hair gets its fair share of styles, not to mention how it changes color, sometimes every season. It’s a wonder that our hair doesn’t just give up on us. I find it harder and harder to keep it healthy with all I put it through.

Great hair, just like anything else is something you have to work for. People always assume my hair is chemically straightened. Most are surprised when I tell them it’s actually a blowout, and I did it myself. Yes, I have been styling my hair for over 8 years now. With my busy and ever-changing schedule, it was no longer feasible to get a standing salon appt. So, I did some research, invested in professional grade styling tools, and never looked back. I’m constantly asked how do I keep it healthy. The key is products that nourish and moisturize, while obviously protecting your hair from the damage that heat styling can cause.

I will be honest, my hair is in no way perfect! It has experienced its fair share of breakage, dryness and split ends. Plus the damage from coloring it almost every shade imaginable at some point in the past 10 years. So what’s the big secret to gorgeous hair? Honestly, it’s a combination of practices that I have learned and experimented with, and I can proudly say my hair is proof of my success.

Combat Dryness

Dry hair breaks…that is a known fact. Sometimes it is just the ends, and other times you aren’t so lucky. To keep your hair from being brittle and breaking, I use moisturize rich shampoo and conditioner. If you feel like your shampoo is stripping your hair of moisture, stop using it! I can tell if my hair feels soft after shampooing and it should feel even softer after conditioning. I recently tried Moroccanoil’s Repair Collection and was really impressed by the results. The shampoo and conditioners are paraben, sulfate, and phosphate free which are a must for me. I am going one step further with the Restorative Hair Mask once a week. It’s an extra step between shampooing and conditioning, but I think it is worth it.


Moroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damage

Heat Protectant

If you are the blowout queen like me, then you need to add some heat protectant to your styling process. Think about it, just because you have conditioned your hair doesn’t mean it is protected. You wouldn’t sit in the hot sun without sunblock, so why are you blow drying without protection. For years I would stupidly dry my hair straight out of the shower, sans product, and it would hate me. More recently I have added some oil or blow out creme to my regime which has helped tremendously. I also just began using Moroccanoil Perfect Defense in my routine, and I can’t wait to see the results over time.

Moroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damage

Moroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damageMoroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damage

Add Oil

We all know oil is trending, we use it on our face and body, so why not add some to your hair? Once I’ve blown dried, flat ironed and styled my hair to perfection, I use the Morrocanoil Treatment after blowdrying and at night before bed. I think that is the perfect time because it soaks into my hair and I wake up without it feeling weighed down.

Moroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damage

Let It Be

I have finally learned how to style my hair, so it looks like I stepped straight out of a salon every time. The key to lasting healthy hair is sometimes letting your hair take a break from time to time. Throughout the week, I make smart choices about when to touch up my style and when to just let it be. I also sleep with a satin bonnet at night, wear a low pony when I am outside in harsh NYC winter weather and take hair vitamins (as often as I can remember). Treat your hair well, and the results will show!

Moroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damageMorrocanoil Hair protected from heat damage

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