The Best Order to Apply Skincare for Amazing Results

The Right Order to Apply Your Skincare Products | BusyWifeBusyLife.comWe all want our skin to look its best, so we invest in products to help make our complexion glow! Serums, eyes creams, face oil, but when do I use what and when? Does it matter if you use the toner before the cleanser, you ask? Or sunscreen before exfoliating? Absolutely! Applying your skincare in the right order serves to not only protect your skin from possible irritations but also delivers the right ingredients at the right time so your skin can make the most out of them. Follow this guide for the best order to apply skincare.

Best order to apply skincare


Step 1: Lightly Cleanse 

If you cleanse your face the night before, then there is no need for a dense scrub in the morning. A light water-based wash will usually do the trick. Dehydrated skin can benefit from a creamier cleanser to give your skin a bit of an early morning plump boost. RecommendationsGarnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water & Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water 

Step 2: Tone

A quick swipe with a cotton swab and toner will help remove any additional oils left on your face  – just make sure it is alcohol-free so it does not dry you out. RecommendationsRadiance Toner & Dermalogica Multi-active Toner


Step 3: Serum

Whether it is Anti-Aging, Vitamin C, or Acne Correction, this is when you apply your secret skincare weapon. RecommendationsJoanna Vargas Daily Serum & Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum

Step 4: Moisturizer & Sunscreen

Experts advise that you should give your products some time to soak in and release their active ingredients into your skin. So, while you’re packing your purse for the adventures of the day or doing your hair, let the products soak in before applying your moisturizer.

If your moisturizer doesn’t have SPF – one more step is needed. Massage sunscreen into your skin before you leave your home, and if you plan to roam about for longer, it’s wise to always bring a pack of sunscreen with you to reapply when needed. Organic and non-chemical options now abound, such as the zinc-oxide Badger sunscreen, so you can take your pick and stay on the healthy side.

Even during winter you need to think about all kinds of prevention – sun blemishes, wrinkles, and spots are the least of your worries, but the big C is always the main reason for proper sun protection.

Step 5: Eye Cream

Keep those eyes bright and puff-free! Apply your eye cream after your moisturizer for optimum results. And remember you are never too young to start using eye cream. RecommendationsKorres Black Pine Super Eye Serum & EVE LOM Eye Cream


Step 1: Pre-Cleanse 

First and foremost, your skin cannot absorb all the goodies in your creams and serums unless it is first cleansed. If you wear a lot of makeup, I recommend starting with a cleansing oil to help remove it first. RecommendationsSqualane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil & bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil

Step 2: Cleanse or Scrub

Follow with your facial wash or depending on your skin condition, a gentle exfoliating scrub. Mild exfoliation can easily be a part of your daily routine. Acids like salicylic or glycolic acid are my personal go-to for this gentle scrub. For those who have sensitive skin and prone to dryness or irritation, start light and see how it goes.

Both alpha and beta hydroxy acids have their place in skincare, but no need to go into overkill. A little can go a long way in removing dead skin cells and opening up your pores for the rich ingredients that come afterward. Not so sure about acids? Go with the HollyBeth Organics facial scrub with honey, it will both deep-clean and nourish your complexion.

Step 3: Tone

This ever so important step is the last one in the cleansing process. Again a quick swipe with a cotton swab and toner will help remove the last dirt and makeup left on your face – so it does not dry you out, make sure it is alcohol-free.

Step 4: Acne Treatment (if needed)

Not all of us are victims of adult acne, but if you are, this is when you want to apply your spot treatment or medication to target those blemishes.

Step 4: Serum (optional)

Now that your skin is finally thoroughly cleansed, and dirt and dead skin buildup have been removed; your pores are ready for the active ingredients found in serums. 

Step 5: Hydrate with Moisture

As I mentioned, your products need time to be absorbed into your skin, so give it a minute before you apply your moisturizer. And don’t forget your neck and cleavage as well, since these delicate parts of your skin can also use the beneficial impact of a moisturizer. Think shea butter with various essential oils to bust the winter blues or an aloe vera-based gel for the sultry summer.

Step 6: Cherish your Eyes

Your sensitive area around your eyes deserves equal attention as the rest of your beautiful skin, so take your time to gently apply the eye-cream after you’ve used your favorite moisturizer. Pro tip: use your ring finger to tap the cream into this area. It uses less pressure and you’ll be able to distribute the cream perfectly even.

This step can be done both in the morning and the evening, to reduce, prevent and avoid puffiness that happens to us all from time to time.

Step 7: Facial Oils

The last and final step before bed is a face oil that you apply right on top of your moisturizer which helps seal it in. An all-time organic favorite is the Kora Organics age-defying oil that contains acai berry antioxidants to fend off free-radical damage, while jojoba and macadamia oil are deeply revitalizing for your fine lines. Apply a few drops by gently massaging them into your face, and let the goodness of the oil work its magic! RecommendationsLa Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil

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