Trendy Fall Nail Designs You Should Try

It is no secret that fall colors are my favorite, especially when it comes to nail designs. The bold jewel tones, deep autumn leaf shades, and everything in between, provide you the opportunity to try so many different manicures. “Boring” is not in my vocabulary when it comes to my nails, and it shouldn’t be in yours either. Here are my favorite fall nail design trends to try this season.

Fine Lines

I played with three Nailtopia shades for this nail art. All you need is a thin brush and some patience to achieve this look. You can opt for a combination of thin or thick lines and add some color blocking to make it more interesting.

Tortoise Shell

Tortoise shell print comes in and out style every few seasons, but this fall it is back with vengeance. This nail design may be a little much for every nail, but I love it on a few nails per hand.

Multiple Colors

If you routinely struggle when deciding on a color to pick, then this is the trend for you. Just grab a few of your favorites and paint each nail a different color. I hope this trend sticks around until spring.


Swirl Effect

Let the good times swirl! This groovy design can be achieved in a few different ways. Whether you use one color for a swirly line or the polish color to make the design, either are equally fab!

Just the Tip

Some refer to it as colored French manicure, but whatever you call it, I love it! This trend can use any color or even a design on the end to achieve an eye-catching look.

Not matching

Similar to that of the mix ‘n’ match color trend, this look combines different designs all in one manicure. You can use different colors in the design or choose colors that relate to a similar theme. Whatever you choose, just make it your own!

This fall, do something bold and try one of these fall nail designs for a change. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

Stay fabulous,

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