How to Save the Planet by Shopping Online

Thank you RB for sponsoring this post. As a maker of popular health products, like Neuriva, Move Free, MegaRed and Airborne, RB puts one thing above all else: Your health being at its best. The Loop program makes this even easier and more sustainable,, bringing its health products right to your door in reusable packaging.


This post was sponsored by RB, but all opinions are my own.

If you haven’t heard, we humans have a trash problem—and according to the leading scientists and environmentalists, it’s a big problem that’s worsening by the minute! Recycling is helping; however, considering the amount of plastic we produce and use on a daily basis, our recycling effort makes only small strides toward a lasting solution. To make real change, we must look at the root problem and cut our overall consumption. So, how do we do that and still buy the products we need, like laundry detergent, shampoo, and food? Enter Loop, the first-of-its-kind circular online shopping site dedicated to eliminating waste.


If you have never heard of this service, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Quite simply, Loop allows me to shop my favorite brands and have the products shipped directly to my home in a reusable container. When I am done, UPS picks up my Loop tote and returns it to the fulfillment center where it is washed, refilled, and shipped back out to me. This service cuts out all of the unnecessary packaging and waste that comes from a typical visit to the grocery store, creating a sustainable circular system that helps our ecosystem in the long run.

Rb products with loop

I recently attended the RB + Loop launch event at the World Economic Forum, where I learned all about this amazing new site. The press conference included speakers from Loop; former Governor of New Jersey and Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Christine Whitman; the Director of Future Consumption at the World Economic Forum; and many others who spoke about our current environmental crisis and how Loop is helping to alleviate the problem. Major brands are joining forces with Loop, and I was excited to learn that RB—the makers of products like Airborne, MegaRed, Move Free, and Neuriva —will soon be participating in the program. The event showcased the newly engineered sustainable packaging from the brands that will be included in the Loop program.

loop store with RBLiving a healthy lifestyle  is important to my husband and me. We do all that we can to stay active, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. We know that these are important factors in being productive and accomplishing our goals during the day. I always say that when you look good, you feel good, and feeling good leads to a happy, fulfilled life. My busy life doesn’t allow for much downtime, so staying healthy contributes to the success of my business. The products that RB will soon offer in the Loop program help support the healthy life I strive to achieve. I take Airborne at the first sign of a cold, and I rely on MegaRed Omega-3 fish oils because they are essential to maximum brain function and a healthy heart. Knowing that I can not only save time with this convenient service, but also get the products I love, makes Loop a win-win for me!

I am happy to participate in a program to help save our planet while buying products that I already love and use on a regular basis. Together with RB and Loop, we can do our part to help the environment, one online shopping experience at a time.

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