How to Invest In Social Good

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Gender Equality - Invest with COINMarket caps, ETF, and P/E ratios can make investing sound pretty complicated. If you are an advocate for social change and yet unfamiliar with the market, you may believe the common misconception that investing means sharing in an “evil” corporation’s growing profits. However, that’s usually not the case. In fact, you can choose to financially support companies that share your values and may be working to support a cause bigger than their own. If you care about impact areas like clean water, gender equality, or better healthcare, putting your money where your mouth is just got a lot easier.

I’ve been investing since I was 15 years old. To further understand the importance of diversifying my assets, I worked with a broker to buy stocks and bonds. As a youth, I didn’t think about the social impact of my investment strategy. Instead, I merely invested in companies I thought would give me a good return on my money.

Now that I am older, wiser, and more socially aware, I recognize the social and environmental issues that affect not only me, but the world on a global scale. It makes sense to invest in innovative companies that are working to solve social issues. I know I am only one person and cannot solve complicated, global issues alone; however, the mighty dollar can do a lot of good to help with solutions to issues that are important to me. With COIN, you can now align your investment portfolio with your social priorities and open an account with just $50. Read on to see why I believe this is a crucial step in effecting social change.


Gender Equality

For as long as I can remember, I have been an advocate for women’s rights. This may sound a bit silly, but as a child I watched Mary Poppins and found myself wanting to learn more about the women’s suffrage movement. Fast forward to today, and I recognize that women of all backgrounds have had to overcome a number of obstacles in the workplace and even at home. Despite years of progress, there is still much work to be done.

Whether in a boardroom here in U.S. or a classroom in a developing nation, women should have the same rights as men to opportunities and education. Unequal pay, high childcare costs, and traditional gender roles that reinforce women as the caregivers have forced some women out of the workforce entirely. As an entrepreneur, I may have to eventually raise funds to grow my business. Recent statistics show that investments in women-run startups account for only 2% of $85 billion of funds invested by Venture Capital Funds in 2017. Helping to bridge the gap in this inequality is so important, and these statistics prove that despite our progress, we still have a way to go.

Shared Prosperity

It is no secret that when members of society flourish, we all benefit. Yet, growing up in Detroit, I knew many people living well below the poverty line, with limited food and healthcare. Recently in NYC, a woman was arrested and had her child forcefully taken from her following an exchange of words with police after she’d waited two hours to apply for childcare assistance. Being poor is not a crime, but sometimes it seems like it is.

In low-income neighborhoods, residents have limited access to healthy food choices, financial services, and job opportunities that allow well-off neighborhoods to thrive. Despite our economy’s growth, many individuals are still being left behind. Growing up, I volunteered at a money camp that taught inner-city youth about financial literacy and how to manage money. I hope and believe it made a difference in the attendees’ potential for success. Similarly, we can effect change by investing in companies that are committed to sharing their prosperity. It’s a step in the right direction for the future.

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