How to Use Tech to Save You Time and Money


Saving money should be a top priority for all, but at times we may take this notion too far, and to save money we end up wasting time. We all must realize that time is money and we should spend both wisely for the biggest return. Even if you aren’t a very money-savvy person, with the help of technology, there are little changes you can make in your everyday life to save you both time and money. Check out these tips to start saving today:

Make Your Home Smarter

Strengthening your financial IQ begins at home. Saving on your monthly bills starts with cutting back. Enhancing your home life with smart products can save you time, energy and money. By switching to a smart thermostat, which can turn on and off when you need to, you’ll save up to $145/year.*  Think about upgrading your outlets to smart ones with a remote controlled plug to save you money every month. This will allow you to turn the plug off when it’s not in use and is ideal for hard to reach outlets as well as appliances without an on and off switch. For more homeowner money-saving hacks check out my post here.


Nest Learning Thermostat   –  Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances

*SOURCE: Nest.

Take Charge of  Your Spending

Many Americans struggle to keep track of their everyday spending. Using the tech offered by your bank for bill payments and account monitoring can save you time and money. Enroll with a bank like Capital One, which offers great digital tools and services – such as Online BillPay, Enhanced Transactions, and Personalized Alerts. Having the right payment tools help ensure on-time payments and reduce possible late fees. 

Automate Your Saving

With so many money saving apps to help you manage your money, consider one that takes saving money out of your hands. I recommend Digit, a free service that connects to your checking account, analyzing your spending and transferring small amounts of money into a savings account for you!

Get Things Done Quicker

Saving time in your life is just as important as saving money. How much extra time do you spend finding a marginally better price when shopping around? How much time are you wasting trying to “save” money? Instead of running around town, take advantage of tech like Mobile Check Deposit(like the feature offered by Capital One) it not only ensures that money goes straight into your account but saves you valuable time too. If you have bigger projects, consider outsourcing to a service like TaskRabbit. Even though it seems like an added expense, it may free you up to do something more valuable. 


Trade in Your Old Tech for Cash

There is no reason why you can’t use your old technology to make some extra cash. If you have obsolete phones and tablets lying around, they could be worth a couple of hundred bucks. Many internet trade-in sites and retail stores will offer gift cards and even free shipping for your old tech through something called “re-commerce,” aka reverse commerce. If you can make money off old things lying around, why not??

Using tech is a great way to save yourself time and money. From banking smart to upgrading your “smart” home, every little bit helps to put more money in your pocket.


How To use tech to save money

How do you use your apps or gadgets to save time? Share your money saving tips below!

This post was sponsored by Capital One Bank, but all opinions are my own.


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