Why I Moved Back to New York City

East river nycIf you had told me two years ago I would be writing this post today, I would have said you were nuts! But as the saying goes, “Man plans, and God laughs,” so here we are, back in NYC! I couldn’t imagine life beckoning us back to this amazing city, but New York captivates you in ways that I never realized until we left.

We’re Out of Here

When we left Manhattan, we were in need of a break. The City can be a lot to handle. It requires a ton of energy to tackle work demands and keep up an active social life. The overall pace of life can be overwhelming, not to mention living in New York City is extremely expensive. After 11 years, it was time for a hiatus. I was going a million miles a minute between working my finance job, auditioning and booking commercials, TV, and hosting spots, plus starting this blog. Our lease expired on our apartment in the Financial District, and instead of moving to a different neighborhood in Brooklyn, I proposed we go to Thailand and Singapore for a month. It was one of the best decisions we ever could have made.


Welcome to Hollywood—What’s Your Dream?

I had always wanted to travel to Asia, and that trip allowed us to see more than we ever would have on any single vacation. The trip gave me peace of mind and time to de-stress and let all my residual anxiety melt away. Once we made it back stateside, we bounced around for the next five months before landing in sunny Los Angeles. I had been dying to move to LA for the past five years, so I just knew this would be a great place to settle down for the long haul. Boy, was I wrong!


On the surface, LA looks perfect: it’s 80°F and the sun shines through the tall palm trees almost every single day. Our apartment, which was double the size of our place in NYC, had a rooftop view of the beautiful Hollywood Hills. Plus, a weekend in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, or Malibu was just a drive away. So why, you might wonder, would I want to leave all of that SoCal goodness behind? The fact of the matter is, all of that stuff doesn’t matter if you aren’t happy—and frankly, I wasn’t.

Life is too short to live unhappily!

Life in LA was good, but it was lacking. I had a great agent and manager; however, I wasn’t booking acting jobs as I had been in NYC. The lack of gigs led me to start questioning myself and our decision to leave New York. Our time in LA was good for my blog, though; because I wasn’t filling my schedule with auditions or booking commercials, I had plenty of time to grow Busy Wife Busy Life. I spent time upgrading my site and learning to be a better writer and content creator. 

moving to NYC- waterfront

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made of

Last July, I spent a month in NYC, which ultimately prompted my decision to move back. I realized during that trip how slow life is in LA and how much I missed the fast-paced environment. I missed the hustle, the pure energy that comes from life in NYC. I missed the work ethic and convenience of having restaurants and bars just right down the street. I missed walking! (No one walks in LA, and if you do, they look at you like you are nuts.) Every day in LA felt like “Summer Friday,” and it is hard to feel ambitious when you live in an environment like that. I missed people being real.

Life is too short to live unhappily, so I knew it was time to make a move. I am fortunate to be able to pick up my life and relocate so easily. However, if you feel unhappy in your current city and can make it happen, I urge you to do the same. The worst feeling is the regret of not following your gut and finding a path to your true happiness. Don’t be discouraged if you strike out on the first try as we did. Being able to wake up in a city you love is the best feeling the world.

Moving to NYC and twirling my dress

Home Sweet Home

The best part about leaving NYC was that it gave me a chance to miss it and appreciate it even more. Some of you may think that I am crazy for moving cross country and back again from one coast to the other, and others might say that I am living the dream. No matter your opinion, one thing is undeniable: I am officially tired of moving. Since 2016, we have submitted six change of address requests with the United States Post Office—yes, six. We will be calling NYC home for the foreseeable future, or until the next amazing opportunity sweeps us away. One thing is for sure: no matter where life takes us, New York will always be home.

Stay fabulous,


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  1. 6.24.19
    Andrea Kantor said:

    No matter where I’ve been and the great time I had there, I love coming home to NY. The approach to any of the area airports usually includes a view of familiar landmarks. As soon as I see them, I know I’m home.

    • 7.1.19

      I know how you feel. There is nothing like seeing those bridges when flying into the city. There is no place like home!

  2. 9.10.19
    Laura said:

    Did you move with furniture? Currently considering a move back and figuring out how to bring all the furniture i just got for my new place… 😂 without it costing a ton.

    • 9.15.19

      So when we left we moved with some of our furniture but sold a lot before we left, keeping in mind we had movers going, it cost us $3500. Coming back we only moved with our King Bed (not the mattress), set of shelves we disassembled, a large coffee, tv stand and a set of drawers. We were able to put all of these in a pod and the cost was $1500. You should check out my post about moving and it should help some – https://busywifebusylife.com/living/moving-tips/

      Stay Fab,

  3. 3.5.20
    Don said:


  4. 6.1.20

    Very valuable info. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  5. 6.18.20
    Liz said:

    I moved to Houston 9 months ago & after the pandemic I really miss home! Ny! Finding blogs like this makes me feel better and sure about wanting to move back. Thanks!

    • 6.30.20
      Sai said:

      I’m living in NYC and deciding if I should move out to another city for a year or so to get some mental clarity. I thought of Houston, Dallas or Austin, apart from DC and Philly, as viable options for a NYC hiatus. Houston = savings & space (in my mind), but I’ve never been so don’t wanna have a grass is greener scenario. Any advice from your experience would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  6. 6.30.20
    Sai said:

    Thank you for this blog. Really helpful info since I’m deciding whether or not to have an NYC hiatus.

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