5 Tips for Juggling Your Professional & Home Life

Guest Post By: Marie Nieves

I typically like to leave the juggling to the circus performers, yet having a successful career and happy family at the same time can sometimes make me feel I’m in the center ring. Mastering this skill can be easier than it looks if you know how to organize your time and utilize every aspect of your life to its full potential. Here are a few quick and easy things you should learn how to do, so you won’t feel like you are juggling.

Keep Calm

You spend half the day at work, signing papers, answering emails and putting out fires, and when you get home everyone expects you to run the errands, have dinner ready, and tidy up a bit. All of these tasks increase your daily stress level, so you must to learn how to keep it together. Try taking a long bath with candles every once in awhile, book a massages, or simply turn off all the devices to help you relax. Closing yourself off after work in a quiet room for at least 30 minutes is good way to manage your stress, mood and even health, thus making you ready for the challenges at home.

You are not Alone!

Even though you may like being independent and doing everything on your own, remember that you are not alone. Sharing the chores is a perfectly normal thing, and if your overwhelmed you should expect  your spouse or children to help out. Assign roles to everyone: have your spouse take out the trash or vacuum around the house, your older children can do the dishes and laundry and teach the little ones to tidy up after themselves. This simple delegation of work will make things much easier for everyone, and saves a lot of stress.

Have a Routine and Schedules

Have the family get up around the same time every day, have your meals together, and have simple a schedule around the house. For example, you can make a cleaning schedule throughout each month so the chores do not pile up and get out of hand. The professional from Pristine Home tell us that you do not need to be a Superwoman; you just have to find the best ways of keeping the whole house in order, by avoiding mess and clutter and occasionally throwing away of unnecessary items.


Prioritize Yourself

Whether it’s at work or home, you probably feel like everyone is depending on you, and sometimes you forget about yourself and your health because you’re wrapped up in everything. Living this way will a take a toll on you, so you need to put yourself at the top of the list. Make time to exercise at least 3x/week and eat healthy, no matter how tempting that artery clogging fast food may seem. Try yoga or give yourself a special beauty/spa treatment from time to time. A Little “me time” never hurt anybody, and it only helps you concentrate better and be even more productive in every aspect of your life.

Nothing is perfect

Women always seek for perfection, whether it’s with their career, love, or family life. However, our expectations are usually too high and we need to learn how to let go. You have to understand and appreciate your happy family is always there for you and work can sometimes wait. We all crave success, while looking for more hours in the day to get everything done. The is key to learn how to taking care of yourself personally and spending quality time with your loved ones, will help this whole juggling simply fade away.

Sherita J. Rankins

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