5 Ways To Save Time Cleaning

 Guest Post: Paige Estigarribia, writer for The Dollar Stretcher 


We all know that cleaning can sometimes be a total time vacuum. What starts as a simple reorganization or quick tidy project can quickly turn into an all-day affair. And with families and full-time jobs, so many just can’t find the time to get the job often done. What to do? Is there a way to spend less time on cleaning and still have a clean house?

Here are five strategies to consider:

1. Spend half an hour a day cleaning. Everyday.

Instead of lumping your cleaning all into one morning, or afternoon, or all day, why not spend just a half hour a day working on a particular task or room. Set a timer, and limit yourself to what you can get done in that time frame. If you have higher priority tasks, try to tackle those first. The key to this strategy is consistency. Stick to thirty minutes a day, but also stick to doing it every day.


2. Research and Price out a Housecleaning Service

Depending on your financial situation, you might consider an occasional (or regularly scheduled) house cleaner to come and clean your home. Hiring someone else to do the job frees up your time so that you can focus on other tasks. Just be sure to do excellent research, and make sure this expense is in your budget.

3. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Try to come up with an easy schedule that you can regularly follow a few times a week to keep your home tidy and clean. Staying on a schedule ensures that you make time for your priority tasks, and it gets done whenever needed. For example, create a plan where you tackle one room each day. Make time every day to complete the cleaning part of your schedule.

4. Quick Pick-Up

This is something I do whenever I have five minutes of free time…I walk around my house and pick up. Or I empty and load the dishes. Or I fold a quick load of laundry. If you find yourself with five minutes to spare, try and do a few of these quick pick-ups throughout the day. You may be surprised at how well you can stay on top of necessary chores.

5. Get the Family Involved

If you have kids and/or a spouse, try dividing up tasks so that no one gets stuck doing everything. Plus the more people you have pitching in, the less time it will take! In my house, we use a chore jar, and every day, everyone chooses chores from the jar to complete. It’s a good way to get the family to help out with household tasks.

Cleaning can take up so much time, yet it’s important that household tasks get done. Hopefully, these tips will help you save time cleaning, and have a clean house too.

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher website. For more great cleaning tips, visit The Dollar Stretcher’s library of cleaning posts.

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