Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Bulk and Shopping at Sam’s Club This Summer

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.

Chilling in the pool sipping a cold glass of lemonade, grilling and dining al fresco, enjoying a warm summer breeze and watching the sunset—what’s not to love about summer? To truly maximize the fun of the season, however, you undoubtedly need supplies to make outdoor spaces more enjoyable. If you are like me and live in a tiny city apartment, storage can be a challenge, so buying seasonal items, especially in bulk, might seem daunting. But Sam’s Club this summer is changing that. They have curated the best products for summertime and outdoor fun, at a great price and in a quantity I can manage, even in NYC.

A couple of weeks ago I attended Sam’s Club’s Slice of Summer press preview for an inside look at the cool stuff that will be available at stores this summer. The value and quality of the selections shocked me. I never considered myself a warehouse club shopper before, but it may be time for me to rethink that decision.


Sam’s Club This Summer

When I think of Sam’s Club, I think of staples: 100 rolls of toilet paper or 500 paper plates. Definitely not cool and chic patio furniture, cool scooters to get around the city, or delicious food to serve at my next summer soirée. To my surprise, Sam’s Club has all of that, and so much more. This summer, Sam’s Club will change your approach to entertaining. Don’t get me wrong—you can still get 100 rolls of toilet paper if you want to stock up. But you can also get practically everything you need to invite another couple over for a stylish outdoor dinner, without worrying about having too many leftovers. They have delicious salsa and dips ready to serve and NY Strip steaks individually priced, which is a must for me.

Outdoor Life

My husband and I are fortunate that our new apartment boasts a decent-size balcony and cool rooftop, so for the first time ever while living in NYC, I need some outdoor furniture and rooftop-friendly accessories. I fell in love with Sam’s chic egg chair, and I think it would be the perfect addition to our balcony. I’ve seen it on many popular home furniture sites costing upwards of $900, so I was thrilled to see it was only $399 on their site.


Florals, Furniture, and Bling

Beyond the new summer items, I also learned about Sam’s Club’s home furniture department. Sam’s has expanded beyond the traditional style of home furnishings and now offers stylish, contemporary pieces for your home as well. I would never have thought to shop at Sam’s Club for furniture, but after scrolling around online, I found a few pieces that would look fabulous in my living room, including some cute marble accent tables that retail for just $89. Plus, these amazing velvet chairs—that also come in blue—look so luxe!

Plus, did I mention that Sam’s also sells BLING?! Now that I’ve got your attention…I am not in the market for a rock, but if I were, Sam’s Club sells enough carats to weigh down your hand. I have my eye on a few right hand rings that are sparkly enough to dazzle guests at my next get-together.

Sam’s Club is definitely not the warehouse club I remember, and I bet it may have few surprises up its sleeve for you too. Whether you’re looking to stock up on essentials or liven up your outdoor (or indoor!) space, take a look to see how Sam’s Club can help you enjoy your slice of summer.

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