Creative Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Person in Your Life

Creative Holiday Gift IdeasShopping for loved ones during the holidays is the worst on a budget. You want to find the perfect gift, but holiday shopping anxiety gets the best of you, and the next thing you know you are shopping at the last minute. You don’t want to get your loved ones just any old thing. Here are some creative holiday gift ideas under $100, for all personality types:

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Outdoor enthusiasts are usually up early to beat bad weather and crowds. Get your adventurer a French espresso press that looks like a traveler’s mug, which has two filters to eliminate grit. Its interior double walls also insulate and maintain warm temperatures for hours. Remove the filter, and it becomes a normal travel mug.

For the Artist

Cool Touch 3D Pen Starter Kit

3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen Set


Right at $100 is the coolest gadget an artist could own — a 3D printing pen. It resembles one of those multi-color-in-one click pens from the 90’s, but your artist becomes a literal magician printing 3D art seemingly out of nowhere. Or, you could stick with the standard list of supplies, like paper, charcoal and paint brushes. Artists blaze through their supplies and those don’t come cheap.

For the Writer

Is your writer a professional freelancer or a fiction writer? What do they write? What do they often complain about needing?The perfect gift comes with a 2-in-1 function that helps the writer stay on top of their game and track and store their ideas: a USB audio recorder. It comes with a long battery life, such as 15 to 25 hours, and can be voice activated. Plus, this gift makes them feel like a super spy.

For the Musician or Music Lover

Vinyl is back with a vengeance. Chances are your musician has an excellent collection of records, and they may be needing a new record player. This if this gift is your music lover speed, how about a creative ticket holder that they can store all of their stubs from their favorite shows.

For the Entrepreneur

Your favorite entrepreneur is constantly on the go. Help them handle the pressure by relieving some of it. Think of gifts that help them get relaxed, such as a spa visit, massage or better yet, something that give them more time. How about a TaskRabbit gift card, so they can outsource a task they don’t have time to do. I know I would love this gift! 

For the Handy

For the handy folks in your life, look for something multi-purpose and practical. If they don’t already have one, a multi-tool is a great addition to their fix-it kit. You’ll need to consider what they’ll actually use the multi-tool for and learn to look for quality. Stick with trusted brands, and read the reviews. Don’t choose something you could easily pick up at the gas station.

For the Photographer

Picture Frames

Buying photography equipment is expensive. Plus, it’s very likely that photographer in your life is very particular about what they use. I don’t recommend contributing to their gear but buying something they can use to proudly display their work. Frames can be the perfect addition to their wall and decor.

For the Joker

It’s hard to buy gag gifts for jokers, but the key is to go back to the oldies but goodies from childhood. Consider the classic whoopee cushion, but realize that when you get older, bigger is better.

For the Gem in Your Life

For the gem in your life, choose a classic piece of jewelry under $100, such as 14kt gold pearl hoop earrings or a white gold dove.

If you choose a charm, does it fit with that person’s personality or future goals? Pearls are always a classic choice. Classic jewelry makes for a wonderful investment piece your loved one will carry with them for a lifetime.

For the Fashionista

If your fashionista friend had one wish, it’d be increased closet space or budget. While some can handle a capsule wardrobe, others are addicted to their shoes or belts and can’t help themselves.

Help your fashionista conserve closet space by investing in various hangers that hold belts, scarves, and ties. Some you can DIY with clothespins or upcycling old key wall hangers.

For the Scientist

When it comes to the scientist, you can go practical, nerdy niche or both. The perfect compromise is a pi t-shirt (around $20), and you can give them a DIY coupon for PI(E) Day, in which you promise to make them pie when the big day rolls around. Or, slip a mini pecan pie in a separate bag.

It’s so much fun when you ask a loved one what they want for holidays. The answer is usually, “I don’t know.” – Yup, Thanks a lot. Check out this gift guide to for some inspiration! 

Hopefully, this list gives you practical and unique ideas to jump off of for your holiday shopping. Happy Holidays!

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