How to Upgrade Your Husband This Father’s Day

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I don’t write about my husband often, because despite the name of my site, I try to keep content focused on topics other than my marriage. However, with Father’s Day fast approaching, I am making an exception. My husband is one of the most interesting people I know. Before his banking career, he held some pretty dangerous jobs like being a commercial salmon fisherman and roughneck on the oil rigs of Alaska. If you follow him on IG—and you should—then you probably have noticed that while he tends to lean toward casual comfort, he definitely gravitates to the finer things in life (present company included). My husband appreciates a well-tailored suit and great wine, and he takes pride in his appearance because he knows it will reflect how he feels.

We don’t have kids, but he is a father from his previous marriage. So when it was time to decide what to get him for Father’s Day, I had a few things in mind. Only one option really stood out, though…

If you think about it, we buy creams, serums, masks, and exfoliants to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best, but what about the man in your life?! This Father’s Day, please—I beg you—do NOT buy him another ugly tie! Give him something he can both enjoy and make his friends jealous with. I have just the recommendation!

The man in your life deserves to feel special—for all that he does when you are paying attention, and all the things he does when you aren’t.

When we got married six years ago, my husband wanted to give his groomsmen something they would keep long after the last thank-you note was sent. He put a lot of thought and research into the gifts and confidently decided to get all seven of them their first safety razor. He knew that the shaving experience this kind of razor provides is far superior than that of your typical drugstore variety. So this Father’s Day, I am upgrading his experience even more with a razor from OneBlade.


Bring Home the Barbershop

For some men, shaving is a necessary daily task. For my husband, however, it is more than that. It’s a chance for him to unplug and savor the moment. If your husband has had a professional shave, then he can probably relate. I gave Brent a gift certificate to a high-end barbershop years ago for his birthday, and he just loved it. To him, it was the equivalent of a spa treatment. The barber sat him down in a comfy chair with a glass of bourbon, indulged him in the ritual of applying hot towels and shaving foam with a custom brush, and then gave him the closest shave, finishing with a therapeutic application of aftershave balm and facial oils. 

Now, imagine giving your husband this experience right in your own bathroom! To give my man the best shave, I knew that OneBlade was the perfect gift.

The Details Matter

Made from German stainless steel, OneBlade’s design elevates the shaving experience with its pivoting head—the first of its kind with this type of razor. Engineered to give your man the best shave with just one blade, this razor is something that he will have for a lifetime, and OneBlade guarantees their product will last just as long. With OneBlade you can rest assured that your man’s skin will not be irritated, as it reduces redness and inflammation that other razors can cause.

Their whole line of products are meant to give your man a shaving experience like no other. OneBlade’s Shaving Cream is made with both lavender oil, which soothes the skin, and aloe vera and safflower oil, which help his skin retain moisture. To finish his shave, I recommend the After Shave Balm, which is alcohol-free and includes avocado oil and witch hazel. By purchasing a metal razor from OneBlade, you’re also doing your part to save mother earth and reduce plastic consumption due to its Japanese Feather, fully recyclable blades.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

The OneBlade HYBRID razor is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. The razor comes with 10 blades, a leather pouch, a canvas travel case, and travel-sized shave cream and after shave balm. This kit will give your husband everything he needs to elevate his shaving experience—and unlike that ugly tie, he will enjoy this gift for years to come!

Stay fabulous,


Sherita Rankins
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