Paint the Town Red

I am generally not one to follow tradition, but there is something about wearing red for the holidays that I cannot resist. The color is so bold and striking that when you wear it, you can’t help but turn heads. Since leaving NYC, I’ve been super casual with my wardrobe. Gone are the days of leaving the house in something that requires dry cleaning. Admittedly, a little part of me misses my chic and stylish former self. So, this holiday I decided to play dress-up and curate some upscale looks to channel my inner fancy. Because it’s the end of the year and my last fashion post of 2018, I wanted to go out with a bang—and that’s exactly what I accomplished while painting the town red in this stunning red evening gown.

I mention playing dress-up because, honestly, I have no plan this Christmas, and I am absolutely thrilled about it! We have been traveling so much lately that I am looking forward to spending some quality time at home. I may even take my lack of plans one step further and go out on Christmas. It might be nice to forgo a day of cooking and instead head to Chinatown for a non-traditional Christmas dinner.

If you are looking forward to a festive soiree this holiday season, take a cue from this post and kick things up a notch. Wear red and make a fashion statement that will last until the clock strikes 12! End 2018 on a high note, and I will see you again in 2019!


Twirling in Red Evening Gown

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Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Stay fabulous,


Sherita Rankins
Sherita Rankins

Detroit born, NYC based Model, Actress & Host, is the Editor-in-Chief of Busy Wife Busy Life. This fashion expert and former finance professional loves to travel and is a total foodie. When she is not staying “busy” she loves to cook, play tennis and relax on the beach.

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