How to Shop And Earn Cash Back On Almost Everything

Ebates You know the feeling when someone tells you something, and you think to yourself, “Why didn’t I know about this”? Well, I’m about to blow your mind. A while back I started shopping with Ebates and now I earn money every time I buy something. This fantastic site gives you cash back from your purchases with just one click.

How Does it Work?

Before you shop, go to Ebates and search for the store you are going to shop from. You will then see the cash percentage available to you. Click on the store link and the site will track the total of your purchase. Once you check out, you will get an email from Ebates informing you of your cashback bonus. After three months, your total cash back will be eligible for withdrawal. It’s that easy!

How to earn money from shopping ebatesI have personally saved over $100 – Just by shopping like I normally do.


This explanation is how they get the money they pass along to you: Macy’s gives Ebates 12% of every sale that gets referred from their website. So you shop via Ebates, they will make $60 off your $500 purchase. In return, they will offer you half of their commission, or 6% and you will get $30 cash back.

Sign Up & Get $10 Cash Bonus

It’s a pretty sweet deal! Online stores (e.g. Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy, etc.) win because they get the sale. Ebates wins because they get a commission from that sale, and you win as an Ebates user because you get extra cash for basically doing nothing at all. If you think you may forget to use Ebates, then get the Chrome extension and apply coupons automatically too.

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How long does it take to get the cash back?

Once you click on the link to the store and check out at the retailer,  it’ll take 1-5 days to appear in your Ebates account. After your cash back is sixty days old, you get paid on the following dates: February 15th, May 15th, August 15th, and November 15th. You can either have them send you a check in the mail or have the money directly deposited into your PayPal account.

Shopping with Ebates can earn you a lot of money – so what are you waiting for?

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How to get cash back on everything you buy with Ebates

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