2016 Beauty, Home Decor and Fashion Trends to Invest In

Contribution by: Derek B. Lotts-Editor, SmoothDecorator

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We all know that trends change rapidly by the hour because such small upgrades and even revolutions are a product of imagination combined with the wonders of ever-progressing technology. Everything has put a pedal to the metal when it comes to reinvention. Still, the easiest way to see what changes in designs and approaches to aesthetics dominated the scene is by summing them all up on an annual basis. The year 2016 may be at its beginning, but certain trends in beauty, fashion, and home décor have already been set, so prepare yourself to toss the old stuff and make room for the new.


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It seems like it is time to go back to a more natural look with softer complexions maintained with a subtle, luminous quality. Cara Delevingne is a perfect example that the big brows are the main thing this year. Therefore, if you want to make your own version of her gorgeous looks, make sure to invest in a quality pencil or powder to fill those brows to perfection. As for the eyes, Tim Quinn, Armani’s makeup artist says that soft grey eye shadow palettes with sudden bursts of color will be huge. Bright lips will stick around this year, but bold classic red and rich browns are something you should stock yourself up with. Finally, it is time to make your skin glow again. Matte was in during the previous years, but it is time to get dewy foundations and highlighters in your makeup bag for that luminous look again.


Hair trends 2016
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Trend-setters say that it is all about going back to basics with hair. Extreme, cotton candy styles will subside and a more natural look with subtle transitions will take the lead. George Papanikolas says that natural roots with depth are becoming huge, so no more drastic ombrés and other variables. “Less is more” is once again considered modern styling. Ponytails are also getting back in the trend race, just make sure to keep it slicked-back and braided. Buns, too, will do you justice this year, as long as it is made with a simple yet classy chignon or low and messy at the nape. It will take just a few minutes to make those hairstyles. That fast, relaxed, less-finished elegance will definitely replace that look which takes hours at the hairdressers to achieve.



Nail trends
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Unique textures are coming into play. LA-based nail artist Kait Mosh claims that the 90s-inspired look are coming back in style, but in a more sophisticated way. Glitter is also on its way to the makeup cabinets, you just have to think of classy colors such as pink or beige to combine it with. Just as hair is going back to a more natural look, so do nails have to follow the sensibility. Minimalist nail designs which incorporate negative space were a hit at NY Fashion Week, but shiny gold or silver textures are also a fine choice for a refined minimalist aesthetics.


Decor Trends 2016

Contrary to simplified fashion trends which are currently reigning the scene, interior design will experience an explosion full of colors and emotions. However, thing may get colorful, but it will retain the minimalistic approach. The key is to keep it simple, add loads of accessories, plants and crazy wall decors just to break the simplicity a bit. Last year black, white, and gray were dominant, but this year it is all about vibrancy. If you have a chance to retrieve some old object or DIY projects, by all means, find a place for them in your home. According to a report by Daily Mail, the combination of vintage and reclaimed wood is something you have to go with. Marble will be very popular especially in bathrooms. Also, think about shapes and textures in a natural manner, complete the ambience with a bit of indoor vegetation, and decorate your walls with frames. 2016 is big on coziness, so if you have an office, think about investing in a comfortable ergonomic office chair. Above all, do not forget to experiment with the colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity.


Fashion Trends 2016
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If we can predict one thing that will be a “must have” this year, then according to what we saw on runways – stripes will rock 2016! Bold, wide stripes will be a pretty big thing in fashion, anything from simple tees to cocktail dresses. This year you won’t have to choose just one piece with stripes, but you can expand this pattern to your whole wardrobe. Did we mention what goes best with stripes? Bright colored bags! You can opt for any size of the bag as long as it’s colored. Red over-sized tote, bright blue mini bag, it’s up to you to choose the right one to rock this 2016 look.

Final word

Take your pick, do your research and go for it. No matter whether your poison is fashion, beauty or home decor… or all of the above! Also, don’t be afraid to give your own touch to any of these trends and make it your own. Individuality is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Last piece of advice is never go overboard, stay effortless.

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