5 Tips for Dressing Office Smart

Guest post from OF Mercer about stylish work wear.

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Dressing office smart means incorporating your personal style into your work wardrobe in a way that makes you feel confident and professional within the confines of your office dress code. But because what any given office finds acceptable in dress can drastically differ, doing so can be easier said than done. Whether your office’s dress code is business formal, business casual, or somewhere in the middle, you should always follow a few basic principles when shopping for new work clothes or just getting dressed in the morning. Here are our top five rules of the road for office dressing, from head to toe:

No  Cleavage


Save those low blouses for date night! At the office, you should always remain professional. The neckline of your top should never be more than four inches below your collarbone, and if you have to ask, then it’s too low-cut for work.

Keep it Tailored  

To maintain a professional look, clothes should be well-tailored through the body but never tight. Look for pieces with seam work, as these will likely fit your body better and are easier to have tailored if needed.

No Cold Shoulders

If you’re working in a more conservative environment, keep your shoulders covered with sleeves, a cardigan, or a blazer (or at least have one handy on the back of your chair). If you’re wearing a sleeveless top, make sure the straps are wide and never show your bra strap.

Not too Much Leg

Hemlines should never be more than two inches above your knee. Before you buy any dress or skirt, do the “sit down test” to make sure your hem doesn’t ride up too high.

Professional Pumps

For shoes, keep any platforms at less than half an inch and heel height to a max of four inches. Test your shoes to make sure they don’t make any smacking noises (e.g., flip flops or ill-fitting slingbacks), and most importantly, make sure you can walk normally!

Dressing Office Smart

How do you stay chic while at work? Leave any style tips you may have in the comments below.

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