How to Make Fall Runway Jewelry Trends Wearable For Everyday

One of the most important fashion events of the year, New York Fashion Week, has once again settled the trends for the coming fall/winter season. We studied presented runaway collections and noticed upcoming bold jewelry trends for the fall and winter season.

Fashion runways are a definitely a show! They go over the top with theatrics that can be difficult to recreate for everyday. If you want to follow the newest New York’s fashion tendencies, stick to this season’s motto: “The bigger, the better!” and check out these statement pieces.

Edgy Twist


Inspired by the ‘90s gothic style, designers introduce us with long metal chains, oversized chokers and dog-collar like necklaces decorated with silver and diamond crosses. We also see colorful flowers, mixing the gothic style with a softer, romantic one. Necklaces and earrings made from fastened safety pins are proving that punk is not dead and that counter-cultures can find their place in high-fashion runways.edgy fall jewelry


Your Way

To create this look for your everyday style, find pieces with a lot of metal work and different textures. Shop for eye catching pieces that push the limit but are still wearable.

Playing with Symmetry


When it comes to this season’s favorite accessories, earrings come into a spotlight. Many designers experimented with asymmetry and geometry, so we got all kinds of matching pairs of earrings, in various shapes and sizes.

New York’s runaways settled one of the biggest trends for this fall, the single earring, creating a very bold style that combines the neo-punk and ‘60s features. This one earring can be any type you like – minimalistic, long and straight, chandelier, hoop or earcuff; but it must be big and striking. For creating a balance, it can be combined with an unusual across-ear earring.playing-with-symmetry fall trend

Asymmetric style isn’t reserved for earrings only, but for necklaces too. Oversized, rich and heavy necklaces create a good balance with a simple and minimalistic design of clothes. Last season’s layered necklaces trend is still finding its place this fall. This season you will see it enhanced with various kinds of trinkets like lucky charms, talismans and different protective symbols. 

Your Way

One earring may seem a bit much if you are working in an office, but could be the perfect weekend look. Designers are actually selling one earrings or you can just leave the matching one at home. Try focusing on side for your accessories to create a bold look.

Baroque Elegance


An elegant baroque stream stands as the opposite of gothic and neo-punk trends. Inspired by extravagant high-fashion from the Edwardian age, designers presented big, multi-layered diamond necklaces, sparkling earrings and brooches. These pieces may seem a bit too dramatic for everyday combinations, but if you want to enhance your princess-like look, they can be a perfect choice for bridal jewelry.

baroque-elegance Fall jewelry

Your Way

You can integrate baroque style in a simple way to your wardrobe. Lovely stands pearls with ornate details or elegant pearls accents are simple enough for work but can also be a sophisticated evening look.


Go Raw


Instead of sparkling stones, some designers used raw stones to decorate necklaces and bracelets and created a strong impression. They were seen in bold color and oversized setting on the runways of Ellie Saab and Calvin Kline. If you are wearing these eye catching designs, don’t hide them under your layers. Designers showed us some killer style with bracelets and cuffs worn over sleeves and gloves.

modern-elegance-Fall jewelry

Your Way

If shiny pearl strings aren’t your style there is a simpler way to go bold this season. You can wear these stone in various ways to match with your personal style. Find a bold color to tie your outfit all together.

One thing all these jewelry styles have in common is exaggerating the size, volume, materials and luminosity. Don’t worry that you might go wrong this season, feel free to improvise and combine various fashion styles of accessories to create a perfect combination for your look. 

Sherita J. Rankins

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