How to Boost Your Beach Body Confidence & Look Amazing

Boost your Beach body confidenceTrends come and go, and it’s always exciting being on top of the newest, hottest styles. Summer 2017 is definitely leaning towards fuller figured girls (popularly regarded as “curvy”) and we’re absolutely loving it. While supporting all sizes and shapes, we all know that putting on a swimsuit can be a dreaded activity. There are ways to give yourself that extra boost of confidence for your beach body, because no matter what we all deserve to feel fabulous in our swimwear, just as Victoria’s Angels do!

Here are some Q and As to help you choose the right swimsuit for your body type, and help you look absolutely stunning at the beach.

Does it Matter Which Body Type I Am?


To buy the swimsuit that agrees with your figure, you first need to determine your body type is in order to have everything fit right. Apple, pear, hourglass, and a straight shape are the four basic types, but we all know there are always exceptions to the rules. Swimsuits are designed to be flattering on different body types, so understanding your body type will help you find the one which will help you look your best. Does it Matter Which Body Type I Am

Another important thing is to choose the swimsuit that’s your size – thinner girls who wish for a curvier shape, often go for a size up, hoping it will give their frame a visually “larger” shape; conversely bigger girls may go for a smaller size thinking it will “press” them, both cause the completely opposite effect. The key is staying in your own number and choosing a piece of swimwear that agrees with your body.

How to Emphasize Your Figure with a Swimsuit?

It’s simple – Ignore trends and listen to your body!

How to Emphasize Your Figure with a Swimsuit

For the best beach body, the trick is to always choose swimwear that doesn’t depend solely on trends, but more on your body type. Go for the style that best highlights all of your attributes, and hides parts of your body you aren’t really a fan of. Let’s face it – with crazy working hours and so many things on our plate, there is a likely chance you didn’t have the time to work out to achieve that perfect beach body.

Luckily, there are swimwear pieces that perfectly hide these small shortcomings. These are a high waist bathing suits, popularly known as tummy control swimwear, or darker colored pieces with cutouts at appropriate places.

What to Do to Look Even More Desirable in a Swimsuit?

What to Do to Look Even More Desirable in a Swimsuit

With a bathing suit, the perfect look at the beach are accessories that highlight your figure and tanned complexion. For instance, embracing jewelry in boho style, wearing an interesting straw hat, kimonos with fringe (which was a hit last season), ultra short dresses, wrap dresses or slip on dresses in interesting patterns or one color. You can even upgrade the look with strappy sandals and knee-height gladiator sandals!

Chunky jewelry is a big hit this season. Try upgrading your look with statement necklaces or earrings will turn you into the bronze queen of the beach!

Should I Wear Bikini Bottoms if I Feel Like I’m Plus Size?

Should I Wear Bikini Bottoms if I Feel Like I’m Plus Size

You can wear anything you feel good in; however, girls that are plus-size are often advised to wear high-waist bottoms. This shape emphasizes the curves and gives the body that gorgeous hourglass shape. This look is inspired by Marilyn Monroe, the queen of curves. She used to rock to low cut, high waist swimsuits throughout her whole life. Such styles turn out to be the best option for all the girls who want to flaunt their gorgeous curves! Let’s not forget this stunner was considered a plus size… so, if she could rock it, you can too!


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Boost your Beach body confidence

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