Spring Style Watch: Overalls & Jumpsuits

Guest Post By: Kia Dunn 

Spring trend

Snow *should be* melting soon- which means that spring is almost here. But what does spring 2015 look like for fashion? This year is all about overalls, mules, and jumpsuits. I know you may be apprehensive to rock one of these, but before you gag, check out some celebrities rocking these looks:

Jessica Alba is all about the overall trend, showing that overalls can be hot on a busy mom and/or an actress!Jessica_Alba

Spring Overall Gallery

Emma Watson showed us that rocking menswear can be sexy, as she wore a white Misha Nonoo jumpsuit at the British Fashion Awards.


 Spring Jumpsuit Gallery


It’s growing on you isn’t it? The best part about the overall/jumpsuit fashion trend is how comfortable it is! Whether you’re a business woman, a stay at home mom, or a woman of all trades- you can slip on one piece and be on your way (and lookin’ good while you’re at it!)

Let me know which look you will be rocking this Sping!

Sherita Rankins
Sherita Rankins

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