Cozy Winter Looks to Keep You Warm & Stylish

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Rainy and cold winter is not exactly everyone’s favorite, but there is something about being able to dress all warm and comfy that makes the season much more appealing. Hot chocolate, huge cups of warm tea and cinnamon apple pie all add to the magic of the fall. However, it’s all about staying both fashionable and warm in the midst of December that is really important. Another lovely thing about this season is the fact that you can dress up to be warm and stylish at the same time.

Wild Girls Love Cozy Outfits

One of the ultimate outerwear pieces is a leather jacket. For all wild girls who are secretly in love with tough biker boys this is the piece to be worn in fall. It keeps you warm and yet it allows you to combine thinner pieces of clothes such as form-fitting button-down shirts with cuff sleeves, thin sweaters, leggings, and warm scarves. Instead of an ordinary handbag you can grab a black leather backpack, and put on your oversized dark sunglasses. Apply some dark lipstick and wear knee-high or ankle boots to complete the look.

If that amount of black is a bit too much for you, opt for a bright red or caramel brown jacket instead. Those will be a bit more challenging to pair up, but they will certainly brighten up your looks.

Layers CollageLayers, Layers, Layers

One of the best things is that now you are able to layer all your favorite pieces into one fashionable outfit. This means that leggings match perfectly with knee-high boots, an oversized knitted sweater, and a big wool shawl. Not only that, but you can wear a poncho too, and you can also pick up an old denim shirt from the back of your wardrobe and pair it up with a plain white tee and washed out jeans.
When it comes to men, they could (and should) layer their clothes as well, but their clothes should be more form-fitting than girls’; otherwise they will appear to be bigger than they really are. Beautiful custom made shirts can be found at iTailor, and men should remember that layers worn underneath should not be visible. As long as they don’t put on too many layers and end up looking like a scarecrow, they’ll be good to go.

Grandma CollageWith Love from Grandma

Good news: chunky socks and knitted sweaters are the number one thing to keep you warm when it’s raining outside, and they are incredibly fashionable this fall as well. Get some wool for our grandma and ask her to knit you a pretty sweater in your favorite color. Warm autumn shades of marsala, beige, and grey are fashionable, but the ever-elegant white is irreplaceable, and you could even try giving navy and emerald a try. Soft, warm hats and mittens, fuzzy scarves and socks are going to keep you warm and make you look good at the same time.
The most important thing is to stay warm, so remember what your mom always used to say: wear warm socks, and try to have an undershirt too. Sometimes being stylish is not worth risking your health and having to stay in bed while everyone else enjoys long walks through the park.

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