Why Renting Your Clothes Is a Cost-Effective and Fashion-Forward Choice

What if I told you that I went a whole year without buying a single item of clothing AND I wore something new every week? Confused? Allow me to introduce you to the concept of renting your clothes!

It’s no secret: I have been renting my clothes for the past year, and it has completely changed my life.

Gone are the days of spending hours shopping online, only to have to ship back most of my order because the items don’t fit. Now I get new styles delivered to me every few days, wear them, send them back, and get excited about new pieces heading my way. Renting my clothes was one of the best decisions I made in 2019, and I highly recommend you give it a try.

Why Rent Your Clothes?

Women opt to rent everything from special occasion pieces to casual wear, handbags, accessories, even sunglasses. Clothing rental used to be an unspoken practice, but nowadays it’s basically a trendy badge of honor, as it is deemed an eco-friendly practice that helps eliminate waste. Renting my clothes has been a huge money saver, and I love the variety of wardrobe choices it offers, not to mention the convenience. I no longer have to run items back and forth to the dry cleaner, and plus, I can try different styles and trends without having to commit. And if I do fall in love with something, I can always opt to keep it for a fraction of the retail cost.


Best Rental Services

For a while, only a few players existed in the clothes rental game, but since this service has gained popularity, new companies have entered the market.

My current service

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway may be the most widely known company in the rental space. They started with evening wear rentals and expanded to dresses for any occasion, separates, handbags, and accessories. I recommend their Unlimited service, which allows you to swap out pieces as many times you like in the course of a month. Send one or all of the pieces back—it’s your decision. Rent the Runway has also expanded their offerings to include home decor, and I love that I have been able to rent decor items from West Elm as part of my membership. Get unlimited rentals with Rent the Runway’s Unlimited subscription for $80 for the first two months and then $159/month thereafter.

My List by Bloomingdale’s

My favorite retailer, Bloomingdale’s, has now entered the rental space, which is like music to my ears, although their service is a little different from Rent the Runway’s. Offering mostly casual, weekend, and workwear, My List asks that you add items to your virtual closet; it then ships out from your closet four items at a time based on availability. You can prioritize items in hopes that you receive your preferred choices at every shipment, but there is no guarantee. The most convenient aspect is that you don’t have to wait for My List to receive your return items before they process a new order. My List will send out your new rentals as soon as you initiate a return. Get unlimited exchanges for $99 to start and $149/month thereafter.

Le Tote

If your style is more on the classic side, Le Tote is an affordable service just for you! I have heard great things about this company, but their rental model is a little different than others’. With plans ranging from one tote a month for $59 to 10 clothing and accessory items for $109, you can pick and choose the plan that works best for you. You won’t find major high-end designers with this company, but you will find great stylish pieces with the flexibility to work with your needs.

Gwynnie Bee Plus Size clothing

Gwynnie Bee

This modern and fashionable clothing rental service caters to sizes 10–32. Gwynnie Bee offers monthly subscription options with plans that range from one to ten items and $59 to 199 a month. One advantage of Gwynnie Bee is that you can rent something as simple as a cardigan or as elegant as a formal dress. Like all services, cleaning is included, and you have the option of keeping the pieces you love.

Renting my clothes has completed changed my shopping habits and saved me a lot of time and money. My mom tried it, but because she has issues with inconsistent fit among brands, she experienced less success. However, I think a clothing rental service is definitely worth trying. If you are wanting to switch up your wardrobe and wear new things, it just might be the perfect solution to your fashion dilemma!

Stay fabulous,

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Do you love renting? Let me know about your experience and favorite sites!

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