Why Renting Your Clothes Will Change the Way You Shop

Rent your clothes

The thought of spending hundreds of dollars for a dress you know you’ll never wear again is a thing of the past. Many women are now opting to rent their clothes instead of buying and if you are looking to save money, this can be the perfect solution for your next black tie event, wedding, or hot date. 

Renting your clothes used to be an unspoken practice that has now become trendy. Woman are opting to rent not only handbags and dresses, but accessories and even everyday wear. Don’t want to make your bridesmaids buy their dresses? Just pick a style that works for everyone and rent away. With so many options and ways to rent, you may find yourself buying less and less. Check out my top picks for ways to rent:

Rent The Runway

RTR (Rent the Runway) is an online retailer that allows you to rent a complete high end look for a fraction of what it would cost to buy. They have a wide variety of dresses, separates, handbags, and accessories for everything from day to evening looks. The 4 or 8 day rentals, includes 2 sizes of your selection, plus you can add a back-up look for just $32.50. Don’t worry about dry cleaning because it is taken care of. All you have to do is ship your dress back in the postage paid packaging. With the launch of RTR Unlimited, the subscription service gives you access to 3 pieces of everyday wear, handbags, or accessories that you can keep as long as you want for only $139/month, it is like Netflix for fashionistas!

Rent the Runway Unlimited

20% Off Rent the Runway’s Unlimited subscription service for first-time customers

Style Lend

Unlike most fashion rental companies, Style Lend gets its inventory from its Lenders. This is the perfect site for the fashionable girl who has more clothes than she needs and yet she still wants to add some variety to her wardrobe. You can sign up as Lender, Renter or both. As a Lender, register your mint condition, designer items and arrange for a pick up or ship them in. The pieces get cataloged on the site and are then available to be rented. The beauty of Style Lend is you earn money when your items are rented! As a renter, you can choose from formal to everyday looks and add accessories to your week long rental. I personally have evening wear and cocktail dresses available to be rented and love making extra money from my closet.

Renting with Style Lend

Use this code to get $10 off your first rental SHERR6022D

Bag, Borrow or Steal

This site is a rental service for designer accessories; including bags, jewelry, sunglasses, watches and vintage items. BBS gives its customers the option to borrow, buy, or even sell your items from brands such as Dior, Gucci or Alexander Wang. If you choose to borrow, prices are based off a one month rental, with the option to extend. You can also purchase from a selection of new or pre-owed items from the site. Closet too full?? They also allow you to sell your items outright or on consignment. Plus, with free shipping and returns, it’s hard to go wrong with Bag, Borrow or Steal.

bag borrow or steal

Invite a friend to sign up and you receive $50 credit when they borrow or buy.

Gwynnie Bee

This modern and fashionable clothing rental service caters to sizes 10-32. Gwynnie Bee has monthly subscription options, plans from 1-3 items ranging from $49 to $95 a month. One of Gwynnie Bee’s advantages is that you can rent something as simple as a cardigan or as elegant as a formal dress. The site offers a variety of styles and items to fit any figure. Since it is a subscription service, if you don’t like what you’ve received, just send it back in your prepaid box and they’ll ship you another item – You can try out brands and trends without disappointment or buyers remorse.

Gwynnie Bee Plus Size clothing

Need to find a way to finance your rentals…

There are ways to get a return on your “investment”, aka your wardrobe, by selling your gently worn clothes online. My personal favorite is an app called Poshmark, a fun way to buy and sell clothing, jewelry and handbags. If you want more great tips, check out my uber popular post 10 Tips for Selling your Clothes Online.

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Do you love renting? Let me know about your experience and favorite sites!

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